EA Kuth Bio

Elizabeth A. KutH

"Creativity through art is the only power great enough to make a true difference.  We have to follow our instincts in this wounded world. We keep going because that is what we feel we must do. Its a calling to act but for a reason that you don't really know yet. I shift and change to try to find it."                



With my art I am looking for a universal language that depicts everyday experience while going beyond it. The work is a journal of life as I experience it.  I do not record images and ideas, but simply respond to what appears in the creative process. The images that emerge through my process of working from the unconscious connect me to a primal world of instinct and wonder.

My art comes out of my life experience and is my truth. Through creating I speak to the world, yet my process itself goes within. Perhaps it is not surprising then that my painting style has evolved into a more internal and symbolic language using the media of oil. 

Painting is a discovery that continually fills me with surprise – like a child who draws her world with purity and clarity. As exaggerated and abstract forms surface from the unconscious they connect my childhood experiences with today’s anxieties and passions. With these forms I develop a dialog of motion, energy, tension and inquiry into their relationship to one another.  I seek to create rhythm and poetry in layers of line and texture.

I feel that this process gives a voice to my human spirit that seeks its outlet.  I invite viewers to enter into these spaces with me and connect with their own inner essence.  May our hearts and souls be touched by the sacred within.